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5 Things Your Husband Wishes You Knew

!.  He’s got body issues too.  I know, hard to believe.  We women thought we had the market cornered on poor body images.  Men are feeling the heat to be buff.  Just like we are.  They need to know we appreciate their bodies.

2.  It matters what you think of him. Men really need us to believe in them.  To take one look at giants they are facing everyday and say, “I know you can do it!”.  “I trust you, I believe in you.” A man is unstoppable if his wife has confidence in him. 

3.  He can’t read you mind.  Stop the insanity!  If he could read your mind, honey, he would have done it already.  Tell him what you want instead of beating around the bush and hoping he will get the hint.  He won’t.  He wasn’t built that way.  He isn’t being unloving, unromantic or unkind.  He is being who GOD created him to be. 

4.  He needs you too.  Yes, I know you are busy with the kids, laundry, dishes, church, and work.  But he needs you too.  Just a little undivided attention everyday.

5.  He wants you to sit down and watch t.v. with him.   This is quality time.  A shoulder to shoulder activity that recharges his batteries.  Sit with him.  Don’t talk.  Just sit quietly and watch the television.  I hear groaning.  If you came into your home to find it spotlessly clean, laundry done, kitchen cleaned with a candlelit supper waiting, provided by your husband…How would you feel?  Overwhelming love, right?  That is how he feels when you veg on the couch with him.  You aren’t wasting time.  You are marriage building.