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Testing 1, 2, 3

Since Red Hot Momma’s are always looking for ways to be more efficient, I have devised the following tests to save precious time.  Feel free to thank me later. 

Test #1

How to tell if husband is in the mood to make love: Check for pulse.  If you find one, he wants to. (just kidding :) )

Test #2

How to tell how big of a mess the kids have made: Listen for noise.  The quieter the house, the worse the mess.  If after 28 seconds you hear nothing- don hip waders and a bleach overcoat.  Proceed with caution.

Test #3

How to determine proper punishment for disobeying the rules: If something got broke-make them fix it.  If someone got hurt- make them hug.  If it’s a felony- Let their Dad take care of it!”  :)


Test #4

How to tell if you should change your home light bulbs: If you can see wrinkles, shift down to 20 watts.

Test #5

How to tell you and your spouse need a date night:  You pass one another in the hall.  Your eyes meet.  The silence is broken by “Hey…Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Test #6

How to tell you need some “me” time:  Check your pulse.  If you have one, you need some!


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