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The Power of One

I am going to go out on a limb here with the following statement.  I think most of us drag around some toxic baggage from our parents.  It could be a negative perspective, self defeating thought patterns or a tendency to abuse our bodies. 

Often when we see these unhealthy habits in our own lives, we can trace them back generations in our families.  For example, you hate your body….Your mom was always on a diet…Your grandma always complained about the size of her rear end….and so it goes. It is obvious that a change must come.  But there is so much dysfunction, where do we begin?   

If you struggle with “inherited” bagage.  Behaviors you do not want to pass down to your children and their children.  I want to encourage you. You are not alone in this battle to live the life the Father has intended for you. You have power. Knowlege and determination.  You are not a mindless drone.  Continuing with damaging choices just because “that’s the way Mom always did it..”. 

You can do whatever it takes to be healthy. You are brave, because the Father will make you brave.  You are strong, because HE will provide the strength required to change your life. You have power as one, thanks to the power of the ONE.  Your decedents will inherit from you life skills that will bring joy and peace.  Not pain.  Your legacy will be one of beauty.  Not ugliness.


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