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All I want

This Red Hot Momma doesn’t consider herself high maintenance.  Actually, it takes very little to make me comfortable.  Being comfortable makes me happy.  When I am happy, my husband is happy.  So, I am making a list of things that I really, really want…because I want my husband to be happy!  See how that works?  :)

I want jeans that make me look twenty pounds lighter.

I want a bra that keeps the girls high and in front.

I want panties that don’t ride up.

I want to never, ever have to wear thong underwear.  If there comes a female underwear shortage, I will be the first woman in line for men’s boxers.

I want lipstick that feels fabulous, looks fabulous and stays fabulous.

I want clean skin.  Without using 11 different products. 

I want less chemicals in my food and more for my hair.  :)

I want a really cool t-shirt that I can wear with jeans.  A tee shirt that is unrelated to where my husband works, my children attend school or karate.

I want a hot car.  A car that is super sexy and fast.  Clean.  Smells great.  Two seats.  One for me.  One for Greg.  Paid for.

I want a to go one day without applying band-aids to phantom “Boo Boo’s”.

I want to sneeze without the consequences of having given birth three times.  :)

I want shoes that are so sexy I blush when I put them on.  So comfortable I forget I am still wearing them.

I want a cute little black dress and someplace romantic to go while wearing it!

I want to look like I could run a marathon, if I wanted to…

I want to have a whole day to spend in bed with my husband.  Oh, and room service.  Oh, and cable.  For him.

I want peace on earth.  Peace in my house.

I want my kids to be loving, responsible adults.  I want them to be long on forgiveness.  Short on regret.

I want my life to have made a difference.  To have helped someone find healing through the Christ.

Now, really… is that too much to ask for?   :)


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